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Planets are the focal points of energy. They are indicators of specific kinds of activity, each unique, but colored by the nature of the sign the planet is in. The sign most like the nature of a particular planet is said to be ruled by that planet.

Positive (yang) planets are the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. They activate, project, stimulate and vitalize. Negative (yin) planets are the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune. They are receptive, reactive, responsive and protective. The one planet that is neutral is Mercury, which modifies, interprets or communicates the energies of other planets in aspect to it.

Planet Rulership Key Words
Sun Leo will, individuality, sprit, creative energy
Moon Cancer personality, emotions, feelings, sensitivity
Mercury Gemini/Virgo mind, communications, link between sprit and matter
Venus Taurus/Libra harmony, appreciation, personal affection
Mars Aries/Scorpio energy, action, aggressiveness
Jupiter Sagittarius expansion, spontaneity, improvement
Saturn Capricorn contraction, limitation, discipline, effort
Uranus Aquarius change, originality, independence, reform, rebellious
Neptune Pisces sensitivity, compassion, faith, idealism
Pluto Scorpio regeneration, cooperation, deep transformation

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