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Welcome to Astrology 3D's Subscription Service. This program will provide you with the opportunity to pay in advance by our Secure Online Credit Card Processing System or by Check or Money Order sent via Mail.

By paying in advance for an Astrology 3D Subscription, you will get discounted pricing for ALL Astrology 3D reports. 

Each time you acquire a report, the discount level of your subscription will be applied to that transaction and then debited from your current balance. At the end of the subscription, even if there is only 5 cents left in your account, you will receive one last chart.

Note that you can add money to your subscriber account at any time. The discount rate of your current subscription purchase will be the one valid until your next purchase.

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Note: Existing AwareNet Subscribers - you must use all of your existing credit  before creating your new A3D Subscription account.

CREDIT POLICY: We Strongly Recommend you review ALL of your input data BEFORE you choose to submit it on any of the input forms you use. If you accidentally input any of the necessary fields incorrectly Astrology 3D will not be able to credit you for your own input errors, should they occur with a report acquired through your subscription account. Errors due to system or delivery problems from our end will be promptly credited, when you give us notice and you will receive, free of charge (not counting as a debit against your subscription), the report you were attempting to access. ~Thank You.

By submitting this form you agree to become an Astrology 3D Subscription Member and your credit card will be appropriately billed. Astrology 3D will not accept "charge backs" to your credit card for subscription accounts, so we strongly suggest you order at least one of our reports singularly to confirm that you appreciate the information contained within them.


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