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In a horoscope, the twelve houses represent the various arenas of an individual's life. A cusp is that degree where one house begins and another ends. Cusps are represented by the lines in your chart which separate it into sections. The sign found on each cusp rules the house that follows. Planets found within a house govern the affairs of that house. When a house contains no planets, the planet ruling the sign on the cusp then governs that house's affairs. The following list describes the most important of the many areas of life that each house rules.

1st House

The first degree of the first house indicates your ascendant or rising sign. This is your most recognizable astrological influence. The first house describes your outward attitude towards life, your physical image, and how others view you. Your approach to new experiences is described here. The planet ruling the sign on your first house cusp is your ruling planet.

2nd House

The second house describes your attitudes about personal worth, finances, and resources. Your sense of values and the assets you hold are also indicated by this house. Various talents can be attributed to the second house.

3rd House

House number three represents your close relatives, your immediate surroundings (such as your neighborhood), all forms of communication, and short trips. This house describes your intellectual capacity and manual dexterity as well.

4th House

The fourth house describes your home and family life. It represents your early beginnings in life. Your mother, or the person who was most involved in your early domestic environment, is described herein. House four also indicates your real estate holdings and your life during old age.

5th House

The fifth house rules children and young people, your creations, love affairs, and your feelings about pleasure and amusement. This is the house of entertainment, art, and the joy of creation and procreation.

6th House

House six represents affairs related to your health, your daily activities, pets, co-workers and your working environment. The service you give to and receive from others is represented by the sixth house. It is the house of the soul.

7th House

House number seven is concerned with marriage and other partnerships. This house divulges how you interact in your closest relationships. Your marriage and business partners are described here. Your open enemies and opponents can also be found in the seventh house.

8th House

The eighth house indicates your approach to joint finances, resources, taxes, insurance, and the affairs of the dead. It is the house of legacy and inheritance, death and recycling. Your attitude towards sexuality is described here as well.

9th House

Your moral and ethical standards, your philosophy about life and your attitude toward expression are ruled by the ninth house. This is the house of higher education, foreign culture and long journeys. In addition, your spiritual beliefs and religion are described in house number nine.

10th house

Your occupation and career are ruled by the tenth house. Authority figures, bosses and fathers are depicted here. Your ability to advance and achieve and your public reputation are revealed by a study of the tenth house.

11th House

Friendships and your social life are affairs of the eleventh house. The eleventh describes the social groups and organizations to which you belong. This house rules your fondest hopes and wishes and your capacity for happiness.

12th House

The twelfth house illustrates your private life and hidden attitudes. Your subconscious mind resides here. Secret enemies and the potential for self-undoing are ruled by the twelfth house, as well as hidden talent. Your attitudes regarding the weak and afflicted are also ruled by house number twelve.

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