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Over the past two decades the use of the first four discovered asteroids has become popular in astrology. The asteroids are a series of minor planets mostly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Some think the asteroids are the remnants of a planet which exploded. Others believe they are a planet which never coalesced. not many years ago a more recently discovered asteroid named Chiron )located between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus) was also added to the astrological toolbox.

What follows is a brief description of these five asteroids along with some suggested meanings. As with the planets,the influences of the asteroids are strongly linked to the mythological legend for which they are named. It should be stressed that a final determination the asteroids' meanings await astrologers' use, experience and interpretation. In general, the first four asteroids add a feminine influence to the masculine-dominated hierarchy of the standard ten planets. In fact, these four asteroids can be correlated to the four archetypes of woman as given in Edmund Whitman's book The Symbolic Quest. Another book, Asteroid Goddess by Demetra George, also comprehensively examines the feminine principle of the first four asteroids.


Ceres is the largest of the asteroids and was the first to be discovered almost 200 years ago (1801). In Roman mythology, Ceres was known as the goddess of agriculture, the harvest, and abundance of the land. The name of the Greek goddess, Demeter, which corresponds to Ceres derives from the Greek meaning "earth mother," and Ceres in a birth chart can indicate nurturing that is either received as a child, or the capacity to nurture in adulthood. If Ceres conjuncts the natal Sun, it is similar to having the Sun in Cancer, but Ceres' meaning is so rich and complex that is also corresponds to Virgo, Taurus and even Scorpio. Ceres people are very good at mothering regardless of their sex and may express this quality by having a "green thumb". They deal with food, possibly as a vocation, and they provide nourishment to either sustain health or to express love and compassion.

Examples: A woman with a close Ceres-Sun conjunction may find herself surrounded by children, her own as well as others, and taking care of her garden and animals with great enjoyment. A man with Ceres square his Sun may find himself in the role a caregiver for children, even through he has none of his own, or in a counseling or nurturing role with adults.


Pallas, Athena in Greek mythology, was known s the goddess of wisdom. She is said to have spring fully armed and full grown from the brow of Jupiter, perhaps indicating the realm of wisdom over which she ruled. As the warrior goddess she became the protrectress of those in battle. She used her compassionate wisdom to teach merciful justice and peaceful resolution of dispute. Pallas was a patron of the arts and gave many creative gifts to humankind, and sometimes was known as a goddess of health. She was wise, helpful, objective, and known for her absolute chastity. She represents the creative, intelligent woman and, according to legend, stood in rank second in importance to Jupiter. From Pallas' influence, the feminine wisdom principle was able to adapt and grow within the emerging patriarchy of the time.

People who have Pallas prominent in their birth charts may serve or care for others - such as with healing techniques that integrate the mind and body - but show less emotional attachment than those with a Ceres emphasis. Pallas also indicates an interest in the pattern and structure of things and an ability to strategize and perceive intuitively and creatively. The influence of Pallas is similar to that of Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Examples: A woman who has Pallas conjunct her midheaven and Mercury may show a strong aptitude for auto mechanics. A doctor who chooses research in preventive medicine could have Pallas trine his ascendant.


Juno, "the Queen of the Gods," was the wife of Jupiter. She endured her husband's legendary unfaithfulness while her fidelity to him was well known. She took great care of her beauty, and was considered the patroness of marriage and fertility. Ina birth chart Juno indicates a concern with all relationships from the need for a committed, fulfilling relationship to the issues of inequality and injustice that can erupt between partners. Juno's influence corresponds to that of Libra and Scorpio. Juno Also seems to be the symbol of "Fascinating womanhood," the image of a women objected to by feminists. It can indicate the desires or dreams of a woman for a traditional role of a wife, or in the charts of men, their image of women.

Examples: A woman who finds it easy to fascinate men (heads turn when she enters a room) could have Juno conjunct her ascendant. Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, has a close midheaven-Juno square.


Vesta is the brightest of the asteroids and at time can even be seen with the naked eye. In Roman mythology, Vesta was the goddess of the hearth and its fire. She represents the flame which burns away the non-essentials, leaving only that which is pure.

Astrologically, Vesta is associated with both Scorpio and Virgo, and indicates great concentration on any given task to the exclusion of everything else. It suggest emotional and personal involvement can become a secondary to the ability to focus so directly on a goal. Many well known, successful people have Vesta prominent in their birth charts.

Examples: Mercury trine Vesta in a birth chart indicates an ability to learn easily and quickly from reading. On the other hand, Vesta-Neptune aspects can indicate a difficulty in focusing o0n or committing to any single thing.


Chiron, discovered in 1977, was named after a centaur (half human, half horse) who was   healer and teach to many gods. When he died he was place in the sky as the constellation Sagittarius.

Chiron appears to rule philos0phy and healing, and represents the principal of holistic understanding. In a chart is can indicate an open-minded perspective and the ability to look beyond the limitations of current views. Chiron seems to add a spirit of uniqueness and enthusiasm as well as some self-righteous tendencies to natal charts. A keyword associated with Chiron is "maverick".

Examples: Anita Byrant, Martin Luther King, and Jerry Brown all have Jupiter-Chiron aspects while Timothy Leary has Chiron square Pluto.

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