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Two Time Capsule versions to be introduced:

We are Very Sorry for every missed release date of the 3D Time Capsule! It was rough the last half of 2000 for Web developers, due to economic conditions. We have had a wonderful program working for many months on Windows 98/ME/2000. We are still working on the user interface for Shockwave so it can be mouse driven, and this has been budget driven. Please look forward soon to our 2D Time Capsule release. The 3D version has been seen by many large audiences in San Francisco, Miami & Amsterdam at Consciousness and Rave events projected into the big screen. The 3D Time Capsule will put the Revolution back in Astrology like no astrology product ever has. We thank you for your interest and your will be well worth the wait! Look for it this spring!


anim2.gif (31768 bytes)A3D's free 3D Time Capsule is software you can download to your computer and run anytime. It will display a three-dimensional, animated map of your entire life. You can move forward and backward in time and see the levels of the energy at work as the planets move through the houses of your birth chart. You'll see how these forces affect your life in termswheelimg2.gif (3850 bytes) of action and outside pressure, harmony and communication, spirituality and fate, love and relationships, and money and career - year by year, week by week, even hour by hour! You can click at any moment for a detail interpretation.

The 3D Time Capsule requires:

  • Shockwave (click here to download - will open new window)
  • Windows 95 or later
  • Pentium 200 or better recommended
  • Graphics card with Open GL accelerator recommended
  • 64,000 (16 bit) high color recommended
  • 2MB free disk space
Copyright 2000, Astrology3D, Inc.