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The 3D Time Capsule was originally developed by Doug Kellogg in 1979 as the first and only astrology program to be written in assembly for the Z-80 chip and was the fastest astrology program available for many years in the 80’s.

In 1981, Doug ported the program into the 'C' language and the IBM PC. He sold the program as AstroStar I & II with Robert Hand's company AGS from 1981-1986, when Hand started to sell his own program instead. In 1991, he joined forces with a group of inventors/astrologers that included 1993 Technical Effects Oscar-Winner, inventor & author of Renderman, Loren Carpenter; and 25-year astrologer/veteran computer graphics developer Dusty Park, to create this stunning evolution of the astrological art in motion: The 3D Time Capsule,the worlds first 3D astrology program ever written.

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